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Entry #24


2013-01-04 06:42:32 by Auz



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2013-01-06 02:17:00

Your survey entry: 32

Auz responds:

Ah I was wondering when you were going to put that up. Thanks. I like the project by the way :)


2013-01-15 12:53:21

what is your icon, i've been trying to figure it out for months

Auz responds:

You mean my BBS icon?

It's Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. One of my favourite characters in one of my favourite films.


2013-02-03 12:18:22

Happy New Year!

(Updated ) Auz responds:

Thanks. You too!


2013-07-10 17:24:40

but as what cost


2013-09-07 08:04:33

W00t space awaits


2014-03-07 16:57:17

How's life treating you, good sir? Keeping a balance?


2014-11-10 00:44:37

7C's and I were just talking mods, and you came to mind, level headed as you are :)
If you'll forgive my lurking... you've finished your internship (which I hope was paid)? What's next?

Auz responds:

Yep. I've just finished my internship and it was paid, fortunately. Not a full salary, but it paid well for an internship.

Next up is writing my thesis and graduating :)


2014-11-12 03:47:31

You are almost max-level so grats on that man
will you hit lv60 by the 10th anniversary of your acc?

Auz responds:

Not by a long shot :p


2015-03-20 13:56:47


Auz responds:

I would if I could :(


2015-08-18 20:14:17

Is that morse code?

Auz responds:

No Braille


2015-08-26 10:26:47

How do you blank post?

(Updated ) Auz responds:

If I talt you, I might get in trouble :(


2015-08-31 01:28:11

yo brotha u only lv59 how much Xp till u hit max lv?

not that it matters cus they'll add expansion pack to lv70 and all ur epics will be useless and the xp rate will get cut down by 60% so noobs can catch up 2 u


2015-12-29 06:41:46

Hey Level 60, huge congrats man! Have a nice holiday so far?

Auz responds:

Thanks man. Yeah my holiday was pretty nice, though I feel like I haven't had much time to rest. You?


2016-01-05 00:20:30

I've had a completely festive-free life the past 2 weeks, blah! Enjoy your 20's while you can, the real dog-tired days are yet ahead :p


2016-06-26 00:16:45

Congrats on being User of the Day!

Someone who isn't a ghost account finally gets picked. lol