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Comments (108)

you should be an icon mod

I am ^^

icon mod?



Welcome to the team. :) Now get to work slacker!


Sorry :(

Happy Birthday! And you know who's birthday it is tomorrow? Ringo Starr's!


And awesome! I wish I was born one day later ^^

Belated congrats and happy birthday! :)

Thanks ^^

where is your gold aura and i hear you turned 21.Now you can drink

Icon mods won't be getting gold aura's anymore (sadly).

And yeah I can drink in the USA now, but where I live I could already start drinking five years ago :p

Look who has a golden aura now! Congrats, man! :)

Thank you very much Haggard :)

Looks nice don't you think?


You're next ;)

Gold aura? Congrats! What kind of mod are you?

Forum mod ^^

And thanks!

I'm not surprised at all. Congratulations man, I wanted you as a forum mod :)

Thanks :)

"You're next ;)"


Haha I can't promise or guarantee anything, but I would not be surprised if you became a mod too sooner or later.

"domo48 says:

where is your gold aura"

Lol, epic foreshadowing :P

Seriously though, congrats man, always good to see another Wi/Ht user get what they deserve, plus now you can assist Coop in leading LA REVOLUTION!

Lol. I remember that other guy in the LUL that said I should be a forum mod and then I replied that I didn't saw it happening anytime soon. Guess I was wrong :p

And yeah this is a great day for the Wi/Ht? forum! The revolution is going perfectly as planned :p

Long live the Wi/Ht Forum!

Long live the revolution!

I really envy your level 42 with a golden aura. :P

Congrats again for the forum-mod status!

It looks good with the level 42 icon, doesn't it?

And thanks again!

Wow! That's great! Congratulations! Now you can see the "secret" areas in Newgrounds :P

Yep I can ;)

I support the revolution.

also forum mod?


Yes forum mod XD

At first I was like, NO WAY ICON MODS WITH THE GOLD AURA AGAIN. And then I was like oh man... :( And then I was like HOLY SHIT AUZ BECAME A MOD!

Congrats man. You deserve it. :)

Hahaha :p There was a lot of confusion about that just after I got forum modded as you can read the Congrats Auz! topic.

But thanks :)

Big congrats for becoming a forum mod.maybe someday you will lock one of my threads

Looking forward to it ;)

And now for the real challenge: can you STAY the reasonable and helpful character you were, in the face of all the butthurt and anti-authority raging? Not letting it affect your enjoyment of the site is the biggest test of character IMO.

Also, your sig needs a slight change now. :P

I sure hope I can. Although I have already experienced that it's hard to stay nice sometimes if people are clearly trying to cross the line.

But hey, if you ever feel like I'm being an asshole towards you, I would be glad if you notified me about it.

Congrats on the forum modship, sir. You're truly deserving of the privilege :]

Thanks! :)

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