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I think this movie is quite funny and cute. My favourite moment was when the octopus jumped out of the water with a "WWWHAAAAAH" sound. Also liked the rubber ducky and I thought it was cute how the seal went to chew on it (or whatever he did) :3

You used sounds and music quite nicely and the drawings were well done I'd say. I especially liked the clouds in the background. Everything else looked good too. I only think the octopus was a bit... as if he broke all his tentacles at four different places, but it's no biggie and perhaps only added to the silliness and cuteness of this submission.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. This is definitely one of my favourite ones I've seen so far (coming from your class). Great job and good luck with the grading and everything. I'm sure this'll be a pass though.


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Good job

I think this little movie contained a pretty nice use of colour, especially in the first few screens. I also thought the beast running was quite well animated. I suppose you used a film of a striding horse as an example for that? It kinda looked like you traced such images in order to animate it. Can't blame you because I know it's very hard to get that right.

I do think the animation and drawings could use some "polishing" and smoothening, but for the rest I have to say that your first project looks quite promising. I hope you'll make some more animations for Newgrounds in the future and make attempts to improve your work.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. Good job in my opinion. I'm sure this will be a pass.


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Kerathus responds:

Thank you for these kind words. Yes I did have a look at how a horse's legs move, then I made one leg and just used it four times with a little offset on each step from the previous leg.

I will definitely be making some more animations in the future.


Unfortunately this review deletion contained a ban notification and it got deleted from my inbox when my review ban was lifted so no easy copy pasting to recover this one alas. To be honest I can't be arsed to type it all out again and I can't remember that well what I wrote anyway so heh...

Lovely submission. Epic milestone in cinema history. Nice homage to early 30's cinema. Yada yada.

Overall 10 out of 10, 5 out of 5. Looking forward to another sequel next year :p


Haggard responds:

And I can't remember what I wrote in the response. Too bad.

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Nice riddle. I gotta admit that it took me quite a while before I got it, despite the fact that I solved hint 5 almost instantly. I kept thinking abbabeb would contain the answer and I didn't pay much attention to the actual flash animation. I should have, because 4 is actually pretty obvious when you look at the flash and when I got that I solved the riddle right away.

Anyway, It's nice how you made something so simple and fun. Only minor complaint I have is that the music got on my nerves. It's a song that gets stuck in your head for hours (thanks for that).

Overall 3.5 out of 5. Mostly giving this score just for the idea. I hope you can come up with something similar the next Clock Day.


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JeffersonTD responds:

Thanks for the comment and feedback!

You are right, the music can quite easily get on one's nerves, and forcing the "player" to mute the system sounds entirely isn't a good thing as people might want to listen to music of their own. As this was just a quick clockday submission I'll leave it as it is, but If I come up with something for the next clockday I'll make sure I'll put in the mute button! :)

This is a very nice idea in my opinion. I like how easily you can connect with other people on Newgrounds this way. I think it's also great that you can look up people who recently played the game as to prevent that you'll just find users who don't bother with this game anymore.

The interface is good in my opinion. The lay-out of everything is nice and simple and the tools are sufficient and easy to work with. Perhaps an eraser tool would be a nice addition though. I couldn't find one apart from the undo tool, but that isn't always that convenient to use. Also, a chat/message option might be nice (an in-game one), where you can send comments to someone like "hey nice drawing" or give a hint. I suppose you could also do that via the PM, but at times I might prefer to give an in-game comment. Lastly I suggest a speed up button for the guessing part. It took pretty long sometimes to fully watch someone's drawing process.

Overall 4.5 out of 5. A nice idea like I said and well executed. Keep up the good work.


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Mattster responds:

Great suggestions/feedback! Thanks for the review! :)

A good game overall I have to say. You really did succeed in making a fun RPG game with very simple mechanics and graphics. Yet, you still added some depth to the game by adding many different classes and many different enemies. I think the game is quite addicting too and I also like the humour you added.

The only big complaint I have is that there is a rather large luck factor involved. I actually never managed to get out of the cave level after like five tries and the main reason I died each time is because I met 3-4 enemies in a row and just couldn't deal with them. It's pretty lame if you've been playing for a while that you die like that. I don't know what the code behind the random exploring is, but perhaps it would be good if you had less chance of facing another enemy if you've just beaten one. At least you could do this in the first area.

Another small thing, I didn't like how every time I got a game over, I had to sit through the intro again. Can't you just let us go back to the menu screen? It would be quicker.

Lastly, I did face one bug during my first game. For some reason enemies didn't die anymore. Their Health dropped to 0, but they kept attacking and whatever I did I couldn't kill him and was forced to run. This then happened again at the next battle so I died eventually. I don't know what caused it, but perhaps you can figure out why this happened by looking at the code.

Overall 4.5 out of 5. Despite some minor complaints, I think you made a good game. Keep up the good work.


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squidly responds:

I'm fixing this stuff, I honestly thought the menu deal was done and over with, but apparently it's not.

With the dungeon, I'm going to just down-level everything, I think i left the balancing for that place as when it used to be the only place in the game.

It's an intro, it should be leveled as such.

Thanks for the review!

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I do agree you occasionally seem to miss a note, but I think that's mostly because in the games' version they used more instruments and here you're trying to do everything with a piano which is tough. It's never really a biggie, but at 00:54 it does bother me a little. Those higher notes you hear just before that moment (I think it's Mumbo's xylophone that plays them in the game) are actually played again by a flute, but you only play them once and then you go over to only doing the banjo again. That part just sounded weird to me.

In order to improve it, I think it might be an idea to re-record the song a couple of times and only do one instrument on each. Then in the end put it all together, edit it a little and you might have the full song covered on the piano which might turn out really nice. Otherwise, you could perhaps consider adding an extra instrument.

Overall 3.5 out of 5. You covered this song pretty nicely, but there's still room for some improvement in my opinion.


This sounds very good to me. It seems a bit like a piece of music they'd use when the pace is starting to pick up and something is set in motion. There's plenty of variation and different parts in this song which is what I generally like in music. I especially liked the part where the voices kicked in again at around 2:00 and the final bit with the xylophone(-ish) instrument.

I'm afraid I can't really give you any pointers. Especially not about using the program and technical stuff. It sounds good to me as it is though. I wouldn't change too much if you're planning on redoing this piece.

Overall 4.5 out of 5. Nice work. Keep it up.


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Usernamemyarse responds:

Ive added some military snares in the beginning and mixed it up a bit, ive also eq'd the choir some more to add the crispness.

Ill upload the updated piece soon :)

Strange. I don't really remember this. The first part seemed more like that song they play during mission like events (like saving the garden from the missiles). The latter part actually sounded more like an ending theme. I guess you combined these two themes in one song? I don't know, I can't remember all too well what the ending of FF VIII was like.

In any case, you did another good job remixing Final Fantasy VIII's music in my opinion. While the changes were subtle, I could definitely hear them and altogether it's a nice sounding track.

Overall 4.5 out of 5. Keep up the excellent work. I see you haven't uploaded in almost two years, which is a shame. I really hope you'll be making more remixes again soon.


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As I said in the Nintendo Club, I like your cartoons and I hope you'll submit more of them.

This isn't the best one I've encountered, but it gave me a chuckle nonetheless. What I like is how you still add so much detail to the drawings, even though they're only made for silly little jokes. Most cartoons I've seen of this sort have half-assed drawings, but you actually take the time to add shades, colours, little effects and other details. Plus points on that.

What I'm wondering is how you can manage to think of so many puns with video game characters. You got over 40 on your website already and it's not even like they're getting more farfetched or anything. You do a good job at keeping the quality consistent.

As I've also said, I think it's a nice idea if you started animating these. I think it will work if you can get some good voice-actors for it.


Keep up the excellent work.


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TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you :] yeah I'm thinking about animating them :)

It looks really good to me. I like the "waterfall" tears, I like the perspective and I like the details on the mouth, nose, eyes and ears.

It seems a bit like an unfinished, unpolished piece of work to me though. I can still see a lot of (help?) lines and marks that seem to have been whiped with an eraser. Obviously I'm missing the hair, a part of the neckline and a cheek. Of course it could be that you never intended to draw all those things, but I think it would've been really nice if you had worked on those things as well before you submitted it.

In any case, it's a very nice drawing. Way better than I could ever do. I'm sure the end result (if this isn't a finished work) would've been amazing.

Overall 4.5 out of 5. Keep up the excellent work.


Chimbley responds:

hahaha thanks man. It's a little difficult for me to categorize this drawing. It is a sketch thats for sure, but I kind of dig the unfinished look to art; it's like the viewer is seeing the process, the strokes and the lines that the artist used in creating the piece. Like seeing the framework of an animation; the steps the artist took. Like leaving spaces blank and open for interpretation hahaha idk. I'm really OCD about drawing, so I often don't finish them at all haha. I am also very messy and I smudge and erase and I just leave it there. I'd like to say it adds to the overall visual effect but thats bullshit haha i'm just messy.

This is a nice one. Probably my favourite out of all the ones I've seen from you so far (admittedly I haven't seen that much of your work though).

I kinda like the artwork. I can see you do put a decent amount of effort into drawing the characters and the backgrounds. I think you especially do a nice job giving the guinea pigs some facial expressions without making them look more humanoid, although in this particular submission you don't see it as clearly. In any case, if you make as many as you do I can imagine you'd eventually get a little lazy with the drawings, but clearly you don't and I like that.

Overall 4 out of 5. Keep bringing them in. I'm sure plenty of people enjoy them.


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