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Opinions on the redesign

Posted by Auz - February 8th, 2012

My opinions on the redesign in a nutshell:

-Overall design looks very nice
-Love the wall designs
-Wish there was a small summary box of stats of the main profile page rather than having to go to a seperate page
-The new level icons are weird
-A little disappointed by the fact that there are no new BP ranks

It will be a while before I'll get used to everything.


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It's like the summary box of stats to be back on the main profile pages. They seem quite lacking in content just now, so it would be nice if the stat box was there to fill it up a bit.

As for the level icons, I think I preferred the old ones. They've just made the icons seem rather insignificant now. At least before you could see an impressive looking icon and think "wow, that guy must have been around a while", or something to that effect. I think the level icons just need to stand out more and I'd be happy.

Agreed and agreed.

It's nice that there's room for a custom forum avatar now, but I think I preferred the bigger level icons for the reasons you've stated.

The B/P ranks look completely out of place now. I hope they plan to remake them.


At the very least I was expecting different icons for the BP ranks.

That duplicate comment thing needs to be fixed too.


I feel the same about all your points you're making except for the fact that I got used to it pretty quickly. As a medal grinder, I feel like there's still lots to be fixed, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed eventually.

Also, I really like your new icon. Majora's Mask is my favorite game of all time. =)

Yeah, they need to fix the medal system.

I still have trouble choosing between Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time as my favourite game of all time. They're both amazing games in my opinion :)

Yes, no new B/P-Ranks or new icons are a shame.

Indeed. I was hoping I would at least have one new rank to pursue (like a final rank at 100k or something), but alas.

Yes, I've been opposing the change that the stats are now in a single URL instead of with the User Page. It's more complex and uses more time. :P (well, lazy people)
Also, why you no choose Ocarina of Time? It's way better than Majora's Mask.

At least they've added a little box on the main page now. Too bad there are no numbers in it (yet).

And I think both games are about equally awesome, but I can't think of anything from Ocarina of Time that will do as an icon and Majora's Mask seemed cool to me.

Those "new" level icons are actually very old. In my 11 years here, I remember seeing them (no way I'd forget the slimer in the lazyboy... gagsy's got that lvl) long ago. Can't find any archived pages to prove it! I know they were created for future use; don't remember if they were used. Maybe....

That sounds very interesting. If you could find those that'd be awesome :)

I like hitting enter to log in.

Yeah, I recently noticed the little stat box just below the profile info. I hope the numbers go below the pics soon and that they fix the pic of the B/P ranks. Maybe putting "Number of Posts" at the bottom of the stat box would be good.

Maybe the Master Sword or one of the Spiritual Stones. :P I never liked the way Majora's Mask is designed (three days before game-over) and you never have the time to explore one area for a long time.

The 2007 design was pretty hard to get used to considering how slick everything became, but I eventually forgot about it, silently hoping they'd return it to it's former glory.

But this is just as good. Only thing I need to get to qualms with now is just navigating around the site, I'm still clicking buttons I shouldn't as if it were pre-design. Dammit all!

you must be retarded because the redesign is blatantly a piece of shit


Oh no! you were right :(

I told you so :(



Sadlet :(

I miss the old emoticons.
The fan system is a guilty indulgence.
We still need to be able to upload bigger GIFs if we are to consider ourselves a real manly BBS.

i am gay

I miss the old design it was much more simpler and I liked the style

Are you ever gonna update your sig?

Happy Clock Day Auz!

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